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Skunk was established 13 years ago and manufactures, distributes and installs some of the best and most reliable pepper spray alarm systems available today.

SKUNK PEPPER SPRAY ALARM SYSTEMS are in full use on our premises. Visit our showroom today in Alberton on the East Rand. We have experienced consultants on site to impress you with our range of affordable and effective intruder repellant solutions.

We proudly manufacture and install the following products:

Skunk Pepper Spray Alarm Systems
It will fill the area the unit is protecting with a highly repulsive and irritating pepper gas and on activation a siren will sound. more »

Hand Held Pepper Spray & Direct Spray for Personal Protection
Pepper spray, as the word spray implies, is a mist which is emitted as the actuator is depressed creating a spray towards the intended direction. Various sizes are supplied in bulk to the trade. more »