Hand Held Pepper Spray

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Hand held pepper spray and direct spray for personal protection.

425ml Pepper Spray

425ml Pepper Spray

Security guard canister (fog)

225ml Pepper Spray

225ml Pepper Spray

Security guard canister (fog)

110ml Pepper Spray

110ml Pepper Spray

Self defense canister (fog)

100ml Hand Held Pepper Spray

100ml Pepper Spray

Direct spray

60ml Pepper Spray

60ml Pepper Spray

Self defense canister(fog and direct spray)

Characteristics of pepper “spray” (oleo-resin capsicum)

Pepper spray, is a mist which is emitted as the actuator is depressed creating a spray towards the intended direction.

Once sprayed the oleo-resin capsicum will affect all in the immediate area depending on wind direction.

Pepper Spray

60ml Handheld Pepper Spray Canister
Still small enough to fit into a bigger handbag, long spray range and safety cap.

110ml Handheld Pepper Spray Canister
Ideal for joggers, cyclists, cars, long spray range and safety cap.

225ml Handheld Pepper Spray Canister
Made for the police and security sector, big fire power and safety cap.

425ml Replacement Canister
A replacement canister for the pepper spray alarm system.

Characteristics of “direct spray” (oleo-resin capsicum)

Direct spray as the term implies is directional, emitting a stream of liquid at the intended direction, affecting no one else except the intended subject. Ideal for confined spaces and hostage situations.

Direct Spray

60ml Direct Spray Canister
Made for directional spray at a specific target affecting no one else, spray distance of up to three meters, with safety cap

100ml Direct Spray Canister
Made for directional spray at a specific target affecting no one else, spray distance of up to three meters, with safety cap

How To Use Pepper Spray

In an attack stay calm and point the canister at the face of the attacker aiming at the eyes, (this will blind the attacker), push down on the actuator for 2-3 seconds moving your arm slightly from side to side. Try always keeping distance between you and your assailant, never take your eyes off your attacker.

Hand Held Pepper Spray Safety Information

  • Never expose canister/s to direct sun light or temperatures above 45 degrees. Never puncture canister. Never expose canister to open flame. Dispose of responsibly. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry cool place.
  • The active ingredient of pepper spray is oleo-resin capsicum (OC) which is derived from cayenne pepper.
  • OC is an inflammatory agent which, once it makes contact with the mucous membranes, lungs, eyes, nose and throat the immediate dilation of the capillaries takes place, normally resulting in temporary blindness and severe breathing difficulties.
  • Move out of the affected area as soon as possible. The symptoms will start to subside. If exposed to skin and eyes rinse with copious amounts of water. If symptoms persist after one hour consult a doctor. There will be no lasting after affects and it is not life threatening.
  • Fifteen percent mixture of oleo-resin capsicum.


Do not use pepper spray products inconsiderately or maliciously. It is a crime. This product is for the purposes of self defense only.