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Pepper Spray Alarm SystemsPepper spray, also called OC spray or OC gas, is one the most popular self-defensive tools, and for good reason, it is effective in stopping hijackers, intruders and muggers. Take this effective method into your home with the Skunk Pepper Spray Alarm Systems. Home intruders won’t know what hit them when they attempt to enter your home. This system does more than alert authorities and home owners, it sends intruders running. Keep your home, business, loved ones and personal items safe with this sophisticated and effective alarm system.

Why is home security so important? South Africa is a high crime country, but don’t let yourself become a victim of this! Install one of our top of the line alarm systems and take the fight to the intruder. Our alarm systems can be attached to an existing system or used standalone. These are available in different sizes to suit your space and needs, and come with several safety features such as a door magnet input, delay on arming, as well as visual and audio indicators for armed state and charging.

The spray contains 15% capsicum. The alarm system comes with a battery backup and a solar charger input.


Skunk was established in 2004. We are manufactures. Skunk distributes and installs some of the best and most reliable 15% capsicum spraying alarm systems available today.

SKUNK PEPPER SPRAY ALARM SYSTEMS are consequently in full use on our premises. As a result we invite you to visit our showroom today in Alberton on the East Rand. We have experienced consultants on site to impress you with our range of affordable and also effective intruder repellent solutions.

We proudly manufacture and install the following products:

Skunk Alarm Systems

It will fill the area the unit is protecting with a highly repulsive and irritating pepper gas and on activation a siren will also sound. The Skunk pepper spraying units are safe providing they have been installed properly and in addition the safety features used, have been tested! more »

Hand Held Pepper Sprays & Direct Spray for Personal Protection

Pepper spray, as the word spray implies, is a mist which is emitted as a result of the actuator been depressed creating a spray towards the intended direction. We also supplied in bulk to the trade in various sizes. Once sprayed the oleo-resin capsicum will affect all in the immediate area depending on wind direction. Ideal for confined spaces and hostage situations. more »

We also provide

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are the best early warning sign of a fire, these are easy to install for the average consumer and only needs a 9v battery to power it. more »


Skunk was established in 2004 and since then has been providing the public with a wide range of products for domestic and commercial improvement. Our numerous divisions cover home security, business security, personal defense, batons, alarm systems, solar panels, power backups, water backups, battery backups, garage and gate motors, garage and gate motors, airsoft guns, electric fencing systems, water pumps, garden equipment and more! Visit one of our other divisions for more info.

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